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Terry is from London, England. After originally visiting Thailand as a backpacker in the 1990s, he returned later to begin teaching. Working his way up through local government schools and language institutes, he became a senior teacher at a large education centre based in Bangkok, and then began working for Tesoltree at its formation.

He is usually based in Bangkok, but can often be found visiting Tesoltree’s schools and offices in Chonburi and Pak Chong. He’s responsible for teacher training and professional development, along with curriculum design and helping to set up new school projects, such as the English program at Mary Immaculate Convent School in Chonburi.

He has been one of the tutors on our Trinity CertTESOL courses since they were launched in Thailand in 2014, helping trainees from all over the world to become qualified teachers. Recently, he has been adapting all of the course content for the online component of our new blended learning CertTESOL course, and learning how websites are built and managed.

He loves travelling, either in reality to the islands of southern Thailand, or via travel websites and blogs; he especially enjoys reading about train travel around the world. He also loves listening to music, being particularly fond of songs from the 1980s and 1990s. Whenever he has the chance, he likes to visit his home country to catch up with his family.


Nigel is from the south of England but has lived in Thailand for many years. He has been teaching ESL/EAL and managing such programmes in that time. He is currently working for TESOL Tree in Heathfield International School looking after their EAL programme, strengthening the students’ English ability. It’s a role that he is ideally suited to, having taught children for most of his career either as a teacher or as a school manager/ Primary Coordinator in international schools, and having studied for a Primary level PGCE in Poole in England.

He is very committed to helping his students, and as a life-long learner he has a dedicated passion for teaching in a fun and engaging way that really helps his students’ progress.

He is always happy to share his perspective with anyone who has an interest in what he does or how he does it.

Overall, it is fair to say, Nigel is a bit of a family man these days. In fact, he has been happily married for over 20 years. He is very proud of his 19 y.o. daughter who now studies law at degree level in the UK. She is the apple of his eye, you may say.



Joe is from the southwest of England but has lived in Thailand for several years now. He first came here to study the Trinity CertTESOL teaching course and has been working for Tesoltree ever since. He started his teaching career working at a small school in the Nakhon ratchasima countryside, where he gained valuable teaching experience, and learnt a lot about Thai culture. Now he works at Mary Immaculate Convent School in Chonburi, where he manages the intensive English program.

As well as teaching his own classes, he enjoys helping his team of teachers plan interesting and enjoyable lessons for their classes. He finds it very rewarding to see students having fun, and smiling, whilst practising and improving their English skills.

He loves to travel, and often spends his holidays exploring different parts of Thailand or travelling abroad. He has called Chonburi home for a few years now and enjoys living there. With its location, he can easily head to Bangkok if he wants to spend a weekend in the city, or one of the many beautiful beaches or islands nearby if he wants to relax. When he’s not teaching or travelling, he enjoys playing and watching football, reading books and cooking.


Vee is from Bangkok and graduated from BA from Silpakorn University and MA from Thammasart University. He likes playing football, badminton and enjoys his running. He also likes reading. His favourites are Japanese detective novels, history and economics. He loves to watch football, movies and documentaries.

Vee has been working with TESOL Tree since the very beginning and now he is the Thai staff manager of the team. He wants to create an impressive working experience for both Thai staffs and foreign teachers. He is ready and willing to give help to everyone in the TESOL Tree team in their area, even though he is based in Bangkok and Pak Chong. He hopes that his experience working with Thai teachers, Thai staffs and foreign teachers in Thai schools and internationals schools would help him succeed to give them the fun time and memorable experience.



Mui is from Chiang Mai, the north of Thailand. She has been working with TESOL Tree for many years as coordinator and administrator. She takes care of our Trinity CertTESOL trainees courses and helps our teachers for work permit and visa processes. Also, she works for the residential English summer camps, working closely with our foreign teachers and our teaching assistants for more than twelve hours a day! She is currently working as coordinator and teaching assistant for TESOL Tree in the EAL programme of Heathfield International School.

Mui loves to be with children and likes to talk with people. People who know her like to call her Magic Mui! She is always smiling and likes to keep everybody happy. She loves to share her experiences about her working life at Walt Disney World in the USA and, of course, she is a big Disney fan. Maldives is her favourite beach. She is a sweet tooth girl and food always keeps her happy.



Som comes from Rayong in the east of Thailand. She’s been working for Tesol Tree for four and a half years, beginning her career with us by helping to set up and organize our English IP Program at a large school in Chonburi.

Som is responsible for taking care of our new teachers when they arrive at our school in Chonburi, making sure that they have somewhere to live, something to eat and somewhere to go in their free time. She also processes all their work permits and visas, so that they can focus on their teaching and meeting new friends.

She also helps coordinate our English summer camps, communicating between students, parents, school staff and teachers so that they all can enjoy their time on the camps.

In her own free time, she loves exercising and drinking coffee and relaxing at the beach. She’s always very keen to learn about the world outside Thailand, and enjoys asking new teachers about their home countries. She loves Thai food and sharing home-grown fruit from her family’s garden orchard with everyone.



Opal is from Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima. She graduated from Chiang Mai university, but she decided to come back to work in her hometown. She has been working at TESOL Tree since 2019 as a coordinator. She is responsible for teachers and schools around Pak Chong and nearby and also takes care of teachers work permits and visas.

She is an organized and helpful person and has time to helps others if they need help.

Opal is also responsible for the weekend school program in Pak Chong. She likes to communicate between students, parents and teachers and keep everyone happy.
She loves listening to music (Her favourite artist is Taylor Swift). She loves to watch good movies and documentaries. She has 1 Persian cat, so in her free time, she spends time with her family and takes care of her cat.

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