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TESOLTeachers welcomes comments on its blog. To provide for some guidelines, we have a simple policy:  Comments must add in some way to the discussion. If they don’t, they will be removed.

What is removed? My comment, too?

Typical comments that are removed include:

  • Extensive duplicate or copied content, etc..
  • Pornographic/Sexuality content or links to such content, etc..
  • Comments that are senseless, don't relate to the item they are attached to, or are just plain stupid, etc..
  • Comments related to spam or splogs, etc..
  • Racist, Sexist, Nationalistic, Religious or Political Propaganda ( or otherwise offensive to me or my readership), etc..
  • Copyright infringement, warez, etc..
  • Promoting illegal activities: such as illegal drug use, gun ownership, violence, etc..
  • Links to sites containing popups/popunders or otherwise interfere with safe browsing, etc..
  • All links in the website field must be EITHER personal sites OR links to TESOL related sites. No other link will be tolerated.

Comments that are removed are not kept or stored. If you post a comment that is valuable to you, please retain a copy for your records. Comments that are erroneously removed by Spam Karma cannot be retrieved, simply because I never saw them.

I can't submit a comment, help!

If you would like to submit a comment and have had trouble with your browser or cookies or my system or whatever, simply use the contact form to reach me. I'll post it in your name.

Teachers are busy! Spare them!

TESOLTeachers are busy people, they don't like to waste their time on SPAM or Splogs or Junk Content. To save their time and yours, we have implemented this Comment Policy. If you don't like it, don't comment. Of course, I hope you do! I always welcome GREAT comments!


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