A Unique Opportunity

Want to get your ESL/EFL recruitment business up and running? This website is a popular and indexed EFL/ESL website found in Google, Yahoo, etc. for many popular EFL/ESL keywords. It's an aged domain and is available for rent immediately to suitable businesses.

What you get

An aged domain with a full-website operating on a popular CMS system for speed, stability, and ease. The rental of the website includes full-hosting for a year on quality virtual servers (including DB) and I will provide maintenance of the platform for you, updates to the software, and backups of your website.

Though the site is yours to run, I will be available to make sure that the website stays online. It's possible to just rent the site as-is, and update the company details; or you can redo the site as you need to through the CMS; or you can simply redirect the entire URL to your own hosting.

Why rent?

It's simple: it takes time, money and effort to build an online presence. But with my site you can simply upload your own details/content/images, update the servers, and you're away. The site is already found in popular search engines, has decent presence, and will leverage your startup resources.

The rental period is for 12 months, and at the end of the period, you will have an option to buy the site. The hosting is included for the 12 months, obviously, ... And for more complex tasks, such as content creation/development/etc., I am available for hire.

Get started now for Summer Recruitment Season, and your new EFL/ESL recruitment business will be well-positioned for the busiest period.

For more details, contact me via this form.


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